Saturday, September 19, 2015


Alexander Wolf on the TEOTWAWKI Blog just posted an update after an absence of nearly two months.  This was not just a recounting of how he has been busy for the duration, however.  The main thrust was about "Keeping Grounded", and not letting prepping push out more important aspects of your life.  This is good advice, especially if you are focused on getting ready for a disaster.  If you spend too much time dwelling on such things, it can make you so depressed you will end up even less prepared.

However, part of the problem is making "prepping" a separate activity.  He mentions several priorities: fiscal responsibility, physical fitness, strong relationships.  When you make the transition from preparing for disaster to living self-reliantly, you can integrate those priorities with your lifestyle.  For example, growing your own food and cooking from scratch can save you money and give you a workout.  And if share both the workload and the harvest with family and friends, you can make those bonds stronger.  These benefits don't come automatically, mind you; you do have take care to make sure you make the effort.  But they are not incompatible with having a self-reliant lifestyle.

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